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Each family in the Clan has a color to symbolize them, and two signet rings with a gem of that color - one ring for a scion of each gender. The Foss rings sit upon the fingers of Todd and Charlotte. Although, as the Matriarch, it would be Stella’s right to wear the ring, with no spouse or heirs it can be assumed that the continuation of their line will fall upon the Todd and Charlotte’s shoulders.


Meet the Foss family

For hundreds of years, the name Foss has struck a very particular chord within the Clan. Nobility, gentleness, culture - all of these things have been very carefully ingrained into their blood until sheer genetics have guaranteed their continuity.

Bright classical arias can be heard around their household at all hours of the day, accompanied by young Charlotte’s lilting voice. Their gardens have flourished into great beauty at the hands of Todd, who can be found hard at work. Stella, seldom seen outside of the home, is nonetheless an integral part of the image presented by the Council.

Their symbol is the swan, graceful and loving.

A Magical Feud

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